A New Place for Gemstones, the Beauty Industry

The beauty industry introduces hundreds of skincare products each year but many are loaded with harmful chemicals. Gemstones are now used in natural skincare products that are not only safer, but help women achieve the most gorgeous, luminous glow!


Finding the perfect skincare product seems to be a difficult task with the endless amount of products out there on the market. The beauty industry introduces hundreds of facial serums, moisturizers, exfoliators, CC creams, BB creams, masks, and toners each year so choosing the ones best suited for your skin is a daunting task. Each product promises flawless, glowing skin yet the companies behind the eye-catching, shiny packaging forget to mention the loads of synthetic ingredients anxiously awaiting to enter their new home, your skin.

Avoiding this entire headache is simple. All you need to do is transition to natural skincare products so you can reduce the amount of chemicals you’re exposed to each day. There is no better peace of mind than knowing you’re doing something good for your body.  You can even get luxury beauty treatments these days, and the Trésor Rare review of their latest diamond dust facial definitely proves natural luxury beauty treatments exist!

The skin is the body’s largest organ, still it does not need to be scrubbed and lathered the way dirty dishes in your sink do – so why are we using all these scary and hard-to-pronounce chemicals that aren’t skin-friendly? If you do a quick “google” about the ingredients that are listed on the back of your “age-defying brightening foam cleanser” you would be alarmed to find out that Hydroquinone is actually one of the most toxic chemicals used for skin lightening and, wait a minute – you’re applying it to that beautiful face of yours.


The skin does a good job of soaking up your daily skincare routine. These evil toxins start absorbing into the body, carrying dangerous health effects that usually only show signs later in life. We always hear that “you are what you eat” but you are also what you put on your skin! The same way nutrition labels are used to understand what foods are healthy, skincare ingredient labels should be used as well.

So why switch over to natural skincare?

There is a brighter upside to all this, and that is Natural Skincare. You might be quick to dismiss natural skincare because it may sound dull and useless, but many companies are doing it right by creating formulas that don’t compromise your health. Some natural skincare lines are high-end, so you won’t need to compromise on the luxury-feel and the exciting experience of opening a beautiful packaging—we all love that. Trésor Rare natural skincare, for example, is an award winning natural skincare line that creates formulas combining gemstones, diamond dust, water pearls and plant stem cells to form one of the most exquisite natural skincare lines. Sorry synthetic ingredients, but you’re kind of unworthy.

You are welcome to read a Trustpilot Trésor Rare product review and find more info about Trésor Rare on Facebook and more about Trésor Rare products on YouTube.

When you look great you feel great and that can explain why many women spend a hefty sum on buying loads of skincare products. Truth be told, you don’t need a medicine cabinet full of skincare products. Once you have a clear understanding of your skin type and skin concerns, you can achieve a youthful looking skin and delay signs of aging with just a few products suited to your skin’s needs.


Natural skincare is not just about essential oils and plants

Natural skincare has the ability to restore the skin without the use of synthetic ingredients. Typically when we think of natural ingredients in skincare we think of essential oils, fruit enzymes, nut butters and flowers, but some of the best natural ingredients are surprisingly derived from gemstones. The years of research conducted in the laboratories of Trésor Rare Natural Skincare prove that naturally occurring minerals from the earth create healthier and more effective skincare with the same results you would get from skincare loaded with all those toxins.

One of the most talked about facials right now (the hottest in London) is Tresor Rare Review – The Best Luxury Treatments in London – Natasha’s London Blog Treatment, which quenches skin for a radiant glow using none other than a girl’s best friend, diamonds. This facial uses the skincare’s BX-Relaxor collection, which includes the natural ingredients: diamonds, gold, pearls, sapphires and other gemstones to peel away dead skin cells and lock in moisture for ultimate hydration. While these stones do make for some gorgeous jewelry, they make for an even more luminous goddess-like aura. So please, don’t be surprised if people start hinting or asking about what “work” you got done on your face. Promise us you won’t be offended – that’s just the power of Trésor Rare’s Natural Skincare. You’ll look really, really good, sans needles and sans toxins!

Making the switch to natural skincare like Trésor Rare is not only safer but also more effective in giving your skin what it wants and needs. Check out the Trésore Rare website to locate a store near you and experience the benefits of natural skincare products and treatments.