One can never confine the everlasting splendor of the Dead Sea which is situated on the lowest point of earth and put the Fountain of Youth along with it in a small bottle. But you may find a few Israeli brands based near Dead Sea coming very close to the effort. It has happened so because these brands come from a group of companies nearer Dead Sea that Manufacture Association of Israel has certified as original maker of product from Dead Sea.

The inference for the consumers from this is that the complete skin care collection from these companies have the highest possible standards for products from Dead Sea and contain the necessary levels of natural minerals from Dead Sea which have provided plenty of health as well as beauty advantages since many centuries.

woman standing on rock by the dead sea


Favorite Beauty Products.  In the last few years, I have had the privilege to visit the extremely beautiful old Israel and Dead Sea many a times. The road that leads to the Dead Sea is very beautiful like the view you get from the beaches of the most salty water body on the earth. Hence I was very happy when I got the chance to apply and give my reviews on three of the beauty products from Israel which contain the salt and mud from the Dead Sea. Premier Dead Sea.

Since you know what is so special about the Dead Sea, we can carry on with the review. Here I will share the initial reactions as well as experiences that I had using a few famous products from Dead Sea which include a cream for anti-aging and eye cream.

Even though I am in my 50s, I should thank my mom for giving me a good skin which I am lucky to have as I don’t have wrinkles and it makes me really look less aged than I am in reality. I also have to confess something else in spite of the perfect skin. I observe that I have deep black circles just below my eyes which I hate very much. As a result when I had to decide how I can start the job, I found it easy to start the same with the eye cream. In order to try the product, I applied some cream in those areas below my eyes both in the morning and night before going to bed and waited till it was absorbed. Even though I felt the cream was very light on the skin, I found the skin absolutely supple and moist after applying the same. Unlike the rest of the eye creams that I had used earlier, this cream was not sticky nor was it taut. The most wonderful aspect of it was that the dark circles almost vanished immediately after the application for the first time.

Similar was my experience when I used the remaining two products – the cream for anti-aging and Collagen Masque. The masque should be applied two times a week and is meant for dry and normal skin and it is full of collagen which is good for renewal of cell and skin. Ever since I started using this cream, I have found my face fresh, plumpy and renewed. I could see the same type of results with the cream for anti-aging right from the start of usage. I used this cream only once in a day and I found the wrinkles and lines that I thought were permanent disappearing. An added advantage is that since my skin is good now, I feel very light and less stressed in general. Since I have got great results after only a few uses, I am eager to see how the remaining products which I am going to purchase will work. You can check out also a Premier review, which I am glad for convincing me to try this product.