In a rare case of negative publicity is good publicity, Dead Sea skin care products from Israel received a boost in sales, not because of its advertising, but because of the boycott that locals were trying to levy on it.

The protestors are rallying against skin care companies that use Dead Sea minerals to make products like Premier Dead Sea (check here LinkedIn’s profile: northwestern shore of the Dead Sea, which is also known as occupied territory by Palestine authorities is where all the skin care products are made. Protestors have not had a negative impact on sales, in fact, it has helped products, fly off shelves.This boost sirfaced first around July. Protestors chose to target again, as they picked another time so that it met with the end of another freeze on Jewish construction in Samaria and Judea.They failed again, and cosmetic companies received a boost once more.

Among those who made it first to the stores, were Brooklyn rabbis, those who interact with Lawyers, doctors and judges from the Jewish community.

The rabbis took one more step, they did not stop at buying these products, instead they sent thousands of emails urging people to go ahead and buy products made from minerals of the Dead Sea.People who would buy these products would receive a ton of blessings.

Other tactics used to discourage people from using Dead Sea products

Political groups have indeed made a lot of efforts in trying to dissuade people from using Dead Sea products and discourage sales, in Israel as well as out of the country. The Dutch organizations were responsible for conducting two boycott programs.An endorsement of Dead Sea skin care products, cost a supermodel her contract by a business organization.

Night Cream Skincare.  European Union boycotts of products in Samaria and Judea is what encouraged authorities in Palestine to dump products worth tens of thousands.The companies are based at the Kibbutzim and leftist movements have been leading boycotts here, in fact they also asked performing artists to step down from making appearances as the Dead Sea Love Fest.Offices and laboratories were made to move to the south, so that no one can make any claims on them.

There are authorized areas from where companies can mine minerals, post much pressure from the leftist movement, a company issued a statement that said, the products were made from Dead Sea minerals from that particular area.The location has be finalized as the western shore as this ensures that the resources are not touched and the beauty is maintained.