It is a happy news for those suffering from diseases like rheumatism, eye problems, and arthritis!Dead Sea is an ideal location for a healthy life. People from all over the world visit Dead Sea so that they can get their bodies with various health issues energized. You can find an easy guide about the various types of treatments provided at Dead Sea and the type of experience you can get here for the worn out body. Get more information about the various benefits Dead Sea offers to your health.

Thalassotherapy and balneotherapy are useful for treating rheumatic and arthritic problems
As many as 21 minerals, out of which twelve are not found in any other sea on the earth, are found in the Dead Sea and hence it becomes an amazing center for treating rheumatic problems.
Balneotherapy and thalassotherapy are methods during the course of which patients are made to bathe in the spring waters of Dead Sea that contain lots of minerals. Arthritic pain is relieved to some extent because of the therapies associated with high temperature and dry air.

Skin Health Eye Cream. One can get relief from the pain by undergoing one more mud application therapy known as Pelotherapy. In deserving cases, massage and physical therapy are also used. The mud of Dead Sea helps greatly in improving blood circulation. When a few patients suffering from hypertensive arthritis were given treatment at the Dead Sea location, it was found that their systolic as well as diastolic rates came down considerably. When they were given balneotherapy for curing arthritis, no adverse reactions were noted.

Respiratory problems treated without any artificial devices with the help of climatotherapy
Diseases like asthma and lung diseases are brought under control due to the presence of high level of oxygen, barometric pressure, less pollens and allergens, apart from low humidity in the location. There will be no need for any artificial instruments when patients stay here for nearly three weeks as their oxygenation levels sleep pattern, and exercise performance show improvement. Premier – Dead Sea Guide.

Diseases like depression and hypertension cured by Heliotherapy and climatotherapy
People who live in the northern climates are usually affected by seasonal affective disorder as the daylight here is less during winter. Phototherapy is the usual treatment given in the hospitals. When they go to the region around Dead Sea, they get sunshine all through the year and get natural light which help them to get a relaxed vacation. A study went on to say that those having problem in the coronary function will find cure when they visit Dead Sea which is at a very low level. It was found that all patients showed better oxygen saturation and heart functioning. Yet another study was done on two sets of patients who were selected for open heart surgery. While one group stayed in the region around Dead Sea for three weeks, another group was at the sea level for three weeks before the surgery. It was found after the surgery that the group that spent the time below the sea level did not have any change in their heart rate but the other group who were at the sea level showed improvement in their heart function. For those patients who were operated upon, their recovery was surely because of their stay near the Dead Sea also.