One of the finest methods of getting the required level of minerals for the skin is to use products from Dead Sea that contain minerals. The Dead Sea is situated in the lowest level in the world and the rich content of minerals in its water makes it highly salty. C

haracteristics of Dead Sea beneficial for health  Skin Health Alliance.
Though the minerals in the Dead Sea water play a major role for curing health issues, there are also other factors which make the mud and Dead Sea a major resource for health.

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The shores of Dead Sea provide less radiation from sun, better atmospheric pressure because of the location at a low level, and less allergens which benefit the visitors. The salt level in the water of Dead Sea is about 29% while in the other oceans it is about 4%. Due the presence of more salt, the water has more density and people can float easily.

One can also find that it is the salt density as well as the composition of minerals in the water of Dead Sea that are different from the other oceans. You should know the various kinds of minerals that are found in the skin products and how these minerals help in skin care individually. The vital ions of water from Dead Sea have minerals like Bromide, Sodium, and Potassium. The mud of Dead Sea which came into existence during the era of Holocene has minerals such as Iron, Sulfur, Phosphorus Pentoxide, and Titanium. These minerals have been proved to contain medicinal properties which make the skincare products from Dead Sea an ideal solution for your mind and body. When you bathe in the salt water of Dead Sea, you will surely get a minimum of five benefits:

Reducing stress.
When you have the salts of Dead Sea mixed in hot water at a higher concentration, blood circulation and detoxification are achieved. Your mind is relaxed when you take a dip in the warm water.

Insomnia is minimized and cured.
Skin absorbs magnesium and salts from Dead Sea during Kala bath. You get better sleep during the nights because of the effect of Magnesium.

Arthritic pain is cured.
Patients suffering from arthritis can get relief when they use bath salts from Dead Sea. According to a study, salts from Dead Sea can treat psoriatic arthritis and osteoarthritis. A German study points out that when you use salts from Dead Sea for about 20 minutes every day, your complaints such as pain, motion problems, and osteoarthritis are greatly relieved.

Addressing psoriasis
Many studies have proved the impact of salts from Dead Sea in curing psoriasis. Those who have the complaints can use bath salts from Dead Sea with about 10% of concentration at least 3- 4 times a week to get the desired effect.

Treating eczema
When you immerse parts of your body which are afflicted with eczema in water containing salt from Dead Sea, the inflammation is reduced and the skin gets more hydrated and starts functioning better.

Want to have that flawless, glowing complexion? Then it might be time for you to try out some Dead Sea cosmetics and skincare and get that hydrated and healthy look!