Since many centuries, people have looked upon Dead Sea as the main source for glowing skin and a healthy life. Hence the cosmetics from Dead Sea have been held in high esteem for their capacity to make the skin fresh and to prevent early aging. The climatic conditions around the Dead Sea is outstanding and the sea contains 26 minerals such as sodium, phosphorus and boron and a high level of salinity, apart from 12 minerals which are not found in any other water body. A great combination of these minerals helps in nourishing and regenerating the cells of the skin by improving the function of circulatory system and thus gives a radiant glow to the skin. These minerals also help in curing skin problems, metabolic conditions, and rheumatic problems.

One of the highly concentrated minerals found in the salt and mud of Dead Sea is magnesium. To calm down the nervous system and to slow down the aging of skin, apart from reducing the fluid retention, magnesium is essential. Calcium is yet another mineral found in higher concentration that is helpful in controlling water retention and improving the strength of nails and bones. Potassium is yet another mineral that is important for the moisture of the skin and to provide more strength after exercise. Muscle stiffness is removed and muscles are relaxed with the help of Bromides. Lymphatic fluid balance, which is vital for proper function of immune system, is achieved by sodium.

Hence bathing with a high quality salt from Dead Sea will help in infusing more minerals which are vital for skin health. Solution for Skin Problems.

Many studies have been made about using salts from Dead Sea for bathing which has many health benefits. A study on the patients who were suffering from tendinitis and osteoarthritis was conducted. They were given bath with salts from Dead Sea at various concentrations. Those patients who had bath with salts of varying concentration showed improvement within a week. When the study was completed, many patients had less pain, were able to move better, and started using less analgesics. One more study dealt with the effect the salt baths of Dead Sea had on psoriasis. These patients had baths every week and were treated like this for a month. Remarkable improvement was seen on patients who were treated with baths of higher concentration of salt within a week. Less itching, sound sleep and scaling of skin were the visible improvements. The main advantage is that the treatment using salts from Dead Sea has no side effects.

Due to the availability of different types of products of various companies with the medicinal qualities of minerals from Dead Sea, we can enjoy the same from home without having to go to Dead Sea.

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